Who Makes Bydureon?

Diabetes has been a thorn in the flesh in the medical industry as doctors and medical practitioners all over the world have faced hurdles and difficulties in treating the disease.

The disease’s implications and effects have been felt over the world, both economically and individually.

Pharmaceutical giants and stakeholders have been relentless in deciphering treatments that are effective and long-lasting to relieve patients of the hassle and bustle the disease inflicts upon them.

One such treatment drug is the Bydureon drug.

What is Bydureon?

Bydureon is a medical drug that is administered by an injection to the body that specifically targets type 2 diabetes mellitus.

It is a drug that is used to increase the level of blood sugar in the body, specifically glucose and is recommended to be used hand in hand with physical exercises and a proper stringent diet.

It is manufactured by a pharmaceutical giant company popularly known as AstraZeneca group of companies. An important point to note is that Bydureon is not a recommended first choice drug for treatment of diabetes

AstraZeneca group of companies:

AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical entity that has Swedish origins and has over the years been a major industrial player in spearheading medical solutions for various ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other infectious diseases.

Moreover, it also carries out hardcore research on Neuroscience with an aim of developing drug and treatment solutions for the former’s diseases. The company in 2013 relocated and moved its main headquarters to Cambridge in the United Kingdom, with its corporate headquarters in London.

Its main research and development locations are mainly at their main headquarters, Gothenburg in Sweden and Maryland in the United States.

The company has recently expressed a keen interest in biotechnology drugs development, as in February this year they announced a major quest into a $250 million dollars-valued company known as Viela Bio which has a bright and promising future.