Bydureon Vs Victoza

Victoza and Bydureon are type-2 diabetes drugs prescribed to lower blood-sugar content and often to reduce weight, although they are not exclusively for weight loss.

They are classified as incretin memetics or into the glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) agonists.

With their injectable nature, these drugs are recommended for those for whom tablet medication does not work.

Through the course of this article, I aim to compare and contrast the two aforementioned drugs in terms of their effectivity, side effects as well as dosage, the amount of weight loss they incur, and price.

1. Effectivity

In a study conducted in March 2011, the effectiveness of these two medicines was tested.

It was found that Victoza lowers blood sugar levels more than the amount Bydureon does.

Noting changes in hemoglobin A1c levels after the drug is administered is the best way to assess the efficiency of these medications.

In the study, it was found that there was a 0.2% difference in the amount of A1c levels reduced by each drug, with Victoza being the more efficient one.

2. Side Effects

Both drugs have similar side effects; nausea and vomiting, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, back pain, stuffy nose, and fatigue are present in both of them.

However, the same study which tested the effectiveness of the drugs conducted in 2011 concluded that Bydureon induced side effects in a lesser number of people as compared to the number of people who suffered from Victoza.

It is suggested that people with a history of thyroid cancer and those with kidney and pancreatic problems not use either of the two drugs since they may cause inflammation or thyroid tumors.

3. Method of Administration and Dosage

Victoza comes as an injectable pen which is easy to administer even if one doesn’t know how to assemble an injection.

Bydureon also often comes as a prefilled pen but is sometimes sold as a single-dose tray, the components of which users have to assemble on their own.

The dosage that Victoza starts with is 0.6mg every day for one week, while in the second week, the dosage must be increased to 1.2mg.

On the other hand, Bydureon is to be injected once a week with the recommended dosage being 2mg. This makes Bydureon the easier drug to use given its once-a-week dosage.

4. Weight Loss

Both drugs are classified as incretin memetics or GLP-1 agonists. This class of diabetes medications is known for inducing a small amount of weight loss in addition to lowering blood sugar content.

The weight loss comes often as a response to the lower appetite caused as a side effect of these drugs.

A study found that patients lose an average of 3 pounds over a span of 28 weeks when consuming Bydureon while patients who consumed Victoza lost about 6 pounds.

5. Price and Availability

For a packet containing two pens of Victoza, it costs $372 while a 3-pen pack is priced at $540.

There are no generics available for Victoza, therefore, it is priced heavily.

Even more expensive is Bydureon which costs a hefty $750-900 for 4mls. Bydureon does not have a generic either.