The Difference Between Trulicity And Bydureon

Let’s get started with the comparison of the two product Trulicity and Bydureon!

The first drug improves blood glucose control, but it is ineffective without proper diet and Lifestyle.

The second one is successfully masked by the action of the hormone, which is already present in our body.

In the case of Bydureon, many patients complain that is too large for the needle which makes the injection too painful.

However, the side effects indicated in the instructions are extremely rare-almost never.

By injecting once a week, patients observe improved health and gradual weight loss, which is especially pleasing to many.

But the manifestations of side effects in the case of Trulicity occur quite often – much more often. It scares a lot of patients.

What is much worse, often there are situations where the drug has not had any positive effects, despite the side ones.

But, nevertheless, there are also cases when Bydureon stopped fits the patients, and Trulicity has become really useful instead. After such a change of drugs, people began to feel better.

Obviously, Trulicity is less stable than Bydureon, but it is not necessary to exclude this drug from the list of options.

However, in some special cases, Trulicity definitely works better, and it has not been possible to figure out why for now. Therefore, if your doctor offered you a change of drugs, do not be afraid.

Maybe this will suit you. But careful attitude will not be superfluous either. Be attentive to your condition!

Another difference between the two is that Trulicity which is an active dulaglutide ingredient which is injectable drug and will improve on your blood sugar level if you do have a type 2 diabetes illness. It mainly severs as a diet mostly and used in an exercise plan.

As for the Bydureon is an active exenatide ingredient which is also an injectable diabetes drug which controls your blood sugar level.

What this drug does is to mimic the other properties of the hormones which are called the glucagon and the peptide. And it is part of the dugs which is the incretin mimetics.

There is more on the differences between these drugs and how you should take them.

Another difference is the Bydureon you take must be twice a day, at any period of time but not exceed 1 hour.

And you must make sure you take it before morning and also your evening meals. Just make sure you take it at least 5 to 6 hours apart or more.

When you take it, you may get this absorption of the exenatide in your food or with other medications. And when you do take other medications, just take it prior to an hour before taking the Bydureon.

Trulicity can affect the absorption of other medications if you do take some of them, it might change how fast or well those medications will work.

It is very important you talk to your doctor very well to ensure you take these medications at the right time, so as not to risk your health.

Your health comes first, so consult your doctor if you do not understand anything concerning your health.