What Are The Alternatives To Bydureon

Bydureon is a tried and tested treatment for type 2 Diabetes. Most patients will respond positively to this treatment.

A number of patients, however, report suffering severe side effects that include nausea and the discomfort of indigestion and constipation. Furthermore, our bodies are wired differently.

Some people fail to respond to Bydureon. For others, the side effects associated with this treatment outweigh any potential benefits. In such cases, physicians will recommend the use of alternatives to Bydureon.

Thankfully, a number of Bydureon alternatives exist that will potentially provide adequate relief and treatment for the disease.

These alternatives are in the form of different treatment or a change in the lifestyle of the patient. The list below covers all effectively.

Lifestyle Change

Patients may reduce the debilitating effect of Type 2 Diabetes by making a radical shift in their diet and exercise choices.

Typically, a majority of Type 2 Diabetes patients will cope with the disease by taking Bydureon.

However, in case you have a nasty reaction to the prescribed medication, then perhaps a change and shift in your lifestyle may be the best way to cope.

To achieve this, a regular exercise regime is needed to maintain your body weight at required levels. In addition, the Type 2 Diabetes patient is required to take particular care of his diet and nutrition.

To this end, he should formulate a low-sugar diet. This diet should be grain-rich and include large servings of vegetables and fruits. Foods to keep away from include sugars, alcohol and fats.

Needless to say, a sharp intake of sugars for a Type 2 Diabetes patient is dangerous.

Alternative Diabetes Medication

Ideally, a change in lifestyle does not usually result in automatic treatment for a Type 2 Diabetes patient.

Drugs are a matter of course in the treatment of Diabetes. However, there are quite a number of diabetes drugs treatments available.

When the body does not react well to Bydureon, an alternative drug should be sought in addition to the exercise and dieting. Drugs that act well as Bydureon alternatives include other incretin mimetics.

This Type 2 Diabetes drugs act by controlling blood sugar levels which ultimately results in weight loss. Incretin mimetics are a relatively new development in the pharmaceutical industry.

They include weekly doses like Trulicity and Bydureon. Daily-taken incretin mimetics include Victoza and Byetta.


This incretin-based treatment basically works in the same manner that Bydureon does.

However, although Bydureon is the easy and most recommended choice, Victoza is recommended for patients with kidney-related problems.

The effective incretin-based treatment is also known for inducing the greatest reduction of sugars (A1c levels) for the same weight loss.

A Victoza treatment is once a day, unlike Bydureon which is taken weekly.


Byetta is among the list of incretin-based Bydureon alternatives. This treatment is taken twice daily.

However, its downside is that it cannot be taken by patients with kidney-related medical issues. In fact, it causes the most nausea.

It also has the lowest sugar-retention levels. The only upside is that it is the cheapest incretin-based treatment.

In a nutshell, these are the viable alternatives to Bydureon treatment that exist today.